really sorry to criticize Climate etc. blog

(posted elsewhere a few days ago)

The guest author here, Andy West, after some superdense statistical analyses of cultures writes this

The apparent lack of rationality in the above responses prompted me to hunt for any rationality

back to his abstract style

I used the same ‘envelope’ charts as above, mapping responses to one of the most objective questions from the main YouGov climate-change attitudes survey.

To me this is the wrong way to approach the issue. And, frankly, I find it amazing it was even written. It isn’t scientism (aka scientody). Judith Curry would not have it on the site if it was. Rather it’s an attempt at using science but avoiding confronting scientism. So other academics won’t get mad.

Maybe it would be better to start with an image from Amo Boden’s blog (with UK references). (his video channel)

Which countries have populations in that state? Because that painting IS the mind of the climate alarmist acolyte. They live in the left side existentially and are promised the right side. That is why they have put up with enormous conning – which they think of as sacrifice – because of the promise to be transported from the left panel to the right.

Bruce Charlton calls that painting “an image of impending dehumanization” and tracks it back to taught nihilism.

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